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I like photography and here you can look at gallery of photos I took. | Dejan Racković Photography

Also photo galleries taken by my buddy Nebojsa, take a look! | Nebojsa Celebić Photography

Some poetry my father wrote in his days. | Poezija - Dragan Racković

Reverse text bash script
This is one of those practically useless but amusing scripts, I did this to use with weechat shell plugin which can send
command output to channel buffer so I name script rtext and put it in executable binary path, then I make weechat alias
for shell command:
/alias rt /shell -o rtext
So when I do /rt 'Hello World!' it outputs !dlroW olleH in buffer
It can be used with fifo pipe too, however you like it, anyway here's the code for bash, maybe someone will like to play with it :D
#script by dejan555 aka daysleeper555 <daysleeper555 [AT] gmail [DOT] com>
#reverse input text
#syntax: rtext '<STRING>'


if [ "$PHRASE" = "--help" ]; then
echo 'rtext script by dejan555 (Reverse input text) '
echo 'Usage: rtext "STRING" '
echo 'Example: rtext "Hello World!" '

if [ "$PHRASE" != "--help" ]; then
NM=`echo "$PHRASE" | wc -c`
until [ "$NM" = "0" ]; do NEW="$NEW`echo "$PHRASE" | cut -c$NM-$NM`"; NM=$(($NM-1)); done; echo "$NEW"

There you go, and have fun! ;)

Some music reccomendations, albums found on jamendo:

WeeChat 0.3.6 for Cygwin

Note: Weechat is now in cygwin repository, this version is now obsolete, but if you need older versions for some reason here they are:
This is compiled on cygwin 1.7.8 on XP, it has basic weechat plugins but without python/perl and other programming languages
scripts support. You might need dependencies like libncursesw or others depending on your type of cygwin install, but they are all
available in cygwin repository.
Install like this: “tar xf weechat-0.3.6-cygwin.tar.bz2 -C /”
Download: weechat-0.3.6-cygwin.tar.bz2
Previous versions:

WV Beetle Wallpaper:
Download: 1600x1200 PNG